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DIY Ikebana Vases for Children

During the long summer holidays we have been experimenting with using different items as vases, creating our own as well as using items found around our home. This week we decided to make our own vases using strips of coloured cardboard and repurposed glass yoghurt containers.

To make our vases, my daughters formed a star with strips of cardboard. They gathered and secured the strips in the centre and then stapled the ends together at the top.

First create a star with strips of cardboard.

Afterwards they placed a small glass yoghurt container inside the cardboard strips and filled it with water.

A glass yoghurt container was placed inside the strips.

There was no need for a kenzan (needle point holder), or other form of fixation, as my daughters were able to use the spaces between the strips of cardboard to hold their plant material.

Adding grass

They carefully found spaces between the strips of cardboard to place fountain grass and added grape hyacinth for a focal point and colour.

Adding grape hyacinth for colour.

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