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Summer, Science and Ikebana for Children

As the temperature continues to soar in Madrid, I have been trying to find innovative ways to keep cool while at the same time encouraging my daughters to study for their final semester exams.


Thinking of an inventive way to help my youngest daughter study ‘states of matter’ for science. In Sogetsu Ikebana, we often use glass vases in summer, to evoke a sense of coolness. As a result, water becomes an important element in the arrangement.

Adding water to the ice cubes

In order to combine science with ikebana, we decided to use water in different states of matter, solid and liquid. By immersing ice cubes in water she was also able to visualise many of the abstract concepts in her textbook. She could see and understand volume, mass, displacement, changes in ‘states of matter’- the ice melting in the water, as well as condensation forming on the glass vase.

Adding the final flower

Once she had finished ‘revising’ for her exam, she chose some beautiful and airy Nigella flowers and submersed them in the water. For a ‘splash’ of colour and a focal point, she added a Freesia. To extend the movement of the arrangement and add an element of ‘negative space’ she added one more stem of Nigella.

After revising and creating a beautiful ikebana arrangement we decided to go swimming, to cool down even further.

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