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Classes are approximately 2 hours in duration.
The cost of lessons includes flower materials.

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Workshops/ Events

Beginner through to Teacher Diploma Level classes

Sogetsu Ikebana classes, from beginner through to Teacher Diploma level, are approximately 2 hours in duration. The cost of each lesson includes flower/ green material and a photograph of your arrangement. Vases, kenzans, and hasami (scissors) are available to use in class. 

Beginner classes follow the prescribed Sogetsu curriculum, Books 1-5. In addition to flower/green material and a photograph, beginner level students following the Sogetsu curriculum are also sent a lesson review. 
As a certified member of the Sogetsu Teachers' Association in Japan, I am qualified to teach and issue Sogetsu Diploma's upto and beyond the basic Sogetsu curriculum (books 1-5). I am also qualified to issue Sogetsu Ikebana Teacher Diploma level certificates.
Many ikebana students who already hold Teacher Diploma level certificates attend my specialist classes to improve their skill level and/ or obtain higher level Diplomas.

Children's Classes

I hold post-graduate qualifications in Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and Specialist Teaching from the University of Queensland, Australia. I draw on my extensive experience as a teacher in Australia, and as a kindergarten/primary school teacher in Japan, when teaching children ikebana.

I regularly teach children's classes and have also taught Sogetsu Ikebana in the Spanish primary school system. 

Children's classes do not follow the prescribed Sogetsu curriculum. Rather, the focus is on creativity and fun, while still teaching the fundamentals of Sogetsu Ikebana; line, mass, and colour. 
I have presented several international ikebana workshops in Australia, the Netherlands, N.Y., Paris, and Spain. During the pandemic I presented online workshops for the Sogetsu Study Group Belgium and a demonstration for the Sogetsu Branch Mumbai.  In Australia, I regularly presented ikebana demonstrations and workshops at Floriade, the annual spring Flower Festival in Canberra. 

In keeping with the notion of 'Friendship through Flowers', I have worked alongside many internationally renowned ikebana artists. 

As part of a team, I assisted Belgium ikebana artist Ilse Beunen in the construction of her installations at the Church of St Peter in Jette and Fleurs des Dames, both in Belgium.

In Australia, I worked as the assistant for Yoshiro (Seiseki) Umemura during his ikebana demonstrations and assisted in the construction of large bamboo installations at Floriade.

I was a member of the team assisting Master Sogetsu Ikebana Instructor Tetsunori Kawana prepare and present an ikebana demonstration at the Embassy of Japan, in Canberra, Australia. 
Future Events

My up and coming events for 2023 include international workshops and demonstrations. 

September 2023 - Ikebana International Philadelphia chapter 71
                          - luncheon demonstration and double workshop
September 2023 - double workshop Sogetsu Brandywine                                          Study Group
November 2023 - double workshop Sogetsu Branch Geneva
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