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Projects and Collaborations

I am passionate about promoting Sogetsu Ikebana across multidisciplinary art forms and have collaborated with many non-ikebana artists. 

Virginia- USA | Spotted Horse Pottery

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My most recent project is an international collaboration with US based ceramicist Sam Deering of Spotted Horse Pottery. I was thrilled when Sam reached out to me with the idea of creating ikebana arrangements in his exquisite wood-fired ceramics.
The aim of our collaboration is to create a synergy between the organic forms of Sam's ikebana vases and the arrangements created within them. As I embark on this project, I am excited at the prospect of all the arrangements I will be able to create inspired by Sam's elegantly crafted and sublimely beautiful ceramics.  
More of Sam's exquisite ceramics and ikebana vases can be found on his website: 
or via instagram @spottedhorse_pottery

San Francisco - USA | Akiko Tsuji -Vase & Flower

Vase and Flower is a collaboration between Akiko Tsuji and nine international contemporary floral artists. 
I was honoured to be asked to participate in this collaboration, combining different styles of flower arranging with Akiko Tsuji's hand-built ceramics.
The images from the project are compiled in the book Vase and Flower. (ISBN 978-1-38-817583-2). Each page beautifully details the interplay between Akiko's vases and the flowers arranged within them. 
Four photographs of my arrangements are included within the book, as well as taking pride of place on the front cover. 

Madrid- Spain | Hotel Tótem-White Christmas

At Christmas time in Madrid, the streets are adorned with intricate displays of lights. As well as the large nativity scenes displayed in churches and public buildings, hotels and shops proudly decorate their foyers. 
For Hotel Tótem, in the beautiful Madrid barrio of Salamanca, a site specific Christmas installation was designed. In keeping with the theme of 'White Christmas', an installation was created based on the idea of crystalized snowflakes viewed under a microscope. A large central Christmas tree was made by massing helix formed bamboo sticks, mimicking the golden ratio in nature.    
The idea underpinning the installation was to transform organic forms into inorganic structures. This was achieved by re-creating natural forms using rigid material such as bamboo and sturdy paper sticks.
The installation was mentioned in the Spanish press.  find out more 

Sydney- Australia | Terra Firma Magazine Diary

Terra Firma Magazine was created to provide an exchange between photography, art and design featuring works from young, contemporary photographers, writers, artists, and designers. The magazine is based on the notion of developing alternative perspectives, objective opinions, and open minded views through the visual language of its contributors.  
Since 2018, Sydney based Terra Firma Magazine has produced a diary as a source of daily inspiration. I was honoured to be invited to contribute to the diary and have three of my ikebana arrangements included in the edition 'Plants and Flowers'. 
Stockists of Terra Firma Magazine and the Terra Firma Magazine Diary include; the Tate Modern, and Serpentine Gallery in London, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) in Sydney and The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles. 
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