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Summer Ikebana for Children

This week, summer finally reached Belgium (although a cold snap and rain is forecast again next week).  To make the most of our very short summer we decided to create an ikebana arrangement with a focus on water.



Summer provides us with a wonderful opportunity to create arrangements using glass vases, with a focus on water. When it is hot, viewing water  helps us to cool down and feel refreshed.

Placing the first leaf in the water.

For her arrangement, Isabel decided on a transparent purple glass vase. She experimented with several different leaves from our garden, but decided on the ferns as she liked the way the vase and the water distorted their shape.

Adding a second leaf.

To continue the line of the fern she added a small leaf poking out of the mouth of the vase. Hunting through our garden, she found a purple Allium, still in bloom due to the late onset of summer.

Placing the Allium

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