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An Unconventional Winter Wonderland

This past week, many parts of Belgium were under a blanket of snow. In our province the snow was quite heavy. Transport links into the city were disrupted, roads were impassable and the children were unable to go to school.

Butte du Lion - the site of the Napoleonic Battle of Waterloo, in Waterloo, Belgium

We enjoyed playing in our winter wonderland, shovelling snow, building a snowman, and sledging on our very quiet street. The snow covered landscape inspired my children to create a winter wonderland ikebana using unconventional material.


With a variety of vases on offer, Isabel chose to use a vase we found at a local thrift store. Although she liked the colour and shape, she also mentioned that as it only cost a couple of euros she wouldn't feel nervous using it. I understood her sentiments completely. Even as an adult, and experienced ikebana artist, I also feel a little anxious using expensive vases.

attaching the packing peanuts

To emulate trees covered in snow, she placed a bare branch in her vase and covered it with packing peanuts. To convey the feeling of winter she chose a stem of white orchids.

adding the flower

Having completed her Winter Wonderland arrangement, as if by magic, the skies cleared the sun came out and the snow slowly started to melt.

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