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Behind the Scenes Filming an Ikebana Iwaya Fund Video for Children

Parque El Capricho- Madrid

For the past 18 months the Ikebana Iwaya Fund, in conjunction with the North and Central American Region (NCAR) Advocate Committee of Ikebana International, have been developing and distributing amongst its chapters a series of free-to-view ikebana videos. During this unprecedented period of lockdowns and stay-at-home requests, the videos have provided a vital lifeline to members of Ikebana International chapters. Although the videos were made available exclusively to Ikebana International Chapters North America, there are plans to expand the program worldwide.

Parque El Capricho- Madrid

I was both surprised and honoured when Magdalena and Ellen from the Ikebana Iwaya Fund contacted me earlier this year offering a bursary to develop a video, based on my experiences teaching ikebana to children.

Parque El Capricho- Madrid

We wrapped up filming in June, prior to the end of the school year, so that we could ensure all of our ‘stars’ were available and not on vacation or summer camp. Filming took place both indoors as well as on location in the beautiful grounds of Parque El Capricho, an 18th century style garden, and the former palace residence of the Duchess of Osuna (Madrid). Due to filming on location, we needed several ‘back-up plans’ in case of inclement weather and Corona virus suburb lockdowns. However, on the day the weather was perfect, and much to my relief, none of my ‘stars’ were in confinement due to cases of the virus in their classes.

Parque El Capricho- Madrid

As a former teacher and education program evaluator, my intention was to develop a series of lessons that could be taught by ikebana teachers as workshops or incorporated into a classroom situation. It is my hope that, through the video, other ikebana teachers are inspired to consider ways of adapting ikebana lessons for children. Although the age range of the children participating in the video is from 4-13 years old, I have designed the activities covered in the video to be adaptable to all ages and abilities.

The children and I had so much fun filming, with many moments that left even our videographer in stitches of laughter. I’m sure we could make an entire video with just our ‘bloopers.’

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