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Leaves Only

Within the Sogetsu Ikebana curriculum there are many interesting lessons covering a variety of topics. Once students have studied the basics, they move on to creative freestyle arrangements, where they are able to study in depth the interesting aspects of various plant materials.


One of the interesting topics for children is the lesson using only leaves. Children are naturally inquisitive, so this particular lesson gives them the freedom to explore the characteristics of different types of leaves. Examining the different shapes, textures and colours of leaves enables children to discover the beauty and uniqueness of a part of a plant they may have otherwise overlooked.

Folding Monstera leaves

Within the Sogetsu curriculum students are encouraged to change the form and shape of leaves, by rolling, folding, or tearing them. By examining the front and back parts of the leaf, that might not otherwise be shown, may be exposed.

Adding Typha leaves

Encouraged by the freedom of this lesson, my daughters chose to fold Monstera leaves, exposing both the front and back of each leaf. Leftover Typha leaves were added to the arrangement to create negative space, volume and movement.

Using a wire to split the Typha leaf

Inserting the tip of the Typha leaf through the split

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