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More Autumn Ikebana for Children

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. The temperature in Madrid has become cooler, and as we walk to and from school each day my daughters take delight in sound of leaves crunching underfoot.


This week my daughters couldn’t resist making another ikebana arrangement using some of the leaves they had collected while walking home from school. Instead of choosing a standard ikebana vase my youngest daughter chose to use a ceramic tealight holder.

Threading leaves onto Steel Grass.

She decided to place some of her leaves onto steel grass and thread this through the holes of the ‘vase’.

Adding a flower, and a leaf to hide the glass vase.

She placed an empty glass yogurt pot inside the candle holder, filled it with water, and placed a pompom Chrysanthemum in it. To obscure the glass container, she placed a leaf between it and the ‘vase’.

Adding a leaf on a longer stem of Steel Grass for added movement.

We both agreed that the arrangement needed a bit more movement, so she placed one more leaf on a stem of steel grass and added it to the right-hand side of her arrangement.

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