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Peer-to-Peer Teaching – Ikebana for Children

This week we took a different approach to our weekly ikebana lesson. As we had a visitor, I asked my youngest daughter to take the lead in our ikebana lesson and teach her friend ikebana. Children often have a completely different view of the world, so I thought that it would be interesting to see how a 10-year-old would explain ikebana to someone that never experienced it before.

My daughter started her lesson with a tour of the atelier, explaining the use of different things, as well as all the items necessary for class (water bowls, hasami, and water jugs).


I was fortunate to have been given some of the Madrid Flower School’s leftover flowers and the children were delighted to have such an incredible choice of beautiful flowers. Isabel let her friend choose the flowers for the lesson. The bright, bold yellow chrysanthemums caught her eye. The girls then chose some tortured willow as their main stems and a few sprigs of Madroño (Strawberry Tree).

As they started creating their arrangements, Isabel stressed the importance of cutting flowers in water. Working side-by-side they arranged their main branches first so that the line flowed from one arrangement to the other. They then added their flowers and support material.

Once finished, they cleaned their workspace and Isabel congratulated her friend on completing her very first ikebana arrangement.

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