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Perfectly Imperfect

After a long dark winter, spring has finally arrived in Belgium. The warmer weather has brought about a flush of new growth and blooms in our garden.


Surveying our garden and planning our arrangement for the week we decided upon Daffodils, some of the first flowers to appear. However, our joy soon turned to dismay, as the warmer weather had also brought with it an army of hungry slugs and snails. In just one evening the slugs gorged themselves on all of our beautiful blooms.

Not to be discouraged, we forged ahead with our plan to use the Daffodils, using the remaining parts of the flowers.

Placing the twisted leaves

As a contrast to the brilliant yellow of the Daffodils my daughters chose their treasured Ikeru vase (a first place prize from Sogetsu Headquarters featuring Ikeru-chan the Sogetsu mascot). After the insertion of a Jumonji-dome fixation, twisted Narcissus leaves were placed in the vase.

Adding massed flowers

A group of massed Daffodils were added, to emphasise the colour contrast of the flowers against the vase. Daffodils were also added towards the back for depth.

To create movement and flow through the arrangement a small twisted leaf was placed closer to the front.

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