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Picasso and Ikebana for Children

During our Christmas vacation, we travelled to Malaga in the south of Spain. While Malaga is well known for its beaches, beautiful old town, Roman ruins and Alcazaba, it is also the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and home to the Picasso Museum. To engage my daughters while visiting the museum, I explained each of Picasso’s paintings in terms of line, mass, and colour (the elements of Sogetsu Ikebana). At the end of our visit, they selected their favourite painting and explained where they saw these elements in it.

Drawing with ...Picasso

Back home in Madrid, my daughters used the book “Draw with…. Pablo Picasso” by Ana Salvador [1] to create their own Picasso inspired artworks. My daughters explained where they had created line, mass, colour and negative space in their drawings. They both decided it would be fun to create ikebana arrangements inspired by their drawings.


They selected Aspidistra leaves and pre-cut pool noodles to use in their arrangements.

Cutting semi-circles in leaves

To represent the curves in their drawings, they cut semi-circles in the Aspidistra leaves and arranged them in their vases.

Arranging the leaves

Adding the pre-cut pool noodles

Once they were happy with their leaves, they added pre-cut blue pool noodles for depth and colour.

[1] Salvador Ana (2007) Draw with …… Pablo Picasso, Francis Lincoln Children’s Books, Great Britain.

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