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Self-made Ikebana Vases for Children

This week in Madrid, after 3 long months of summer holidays, children finally return to school. We spent a lot of time during our holidays trying to stay cool: eating ice-cream and swimming.


Of course, being the ubiquitous bowerbird, I was never able to throw away our unusually shaped ice-cream wrappers.

Creating mini 'vases' from triangular ice-cream wrappers

As the remnants of summer holidays grew to a close, we decided to make small ikebana vases from our collection of triangular ice-cream wrappers. My daughters painted the wrappers in different colours and filled them with water.

Adding grass

They arranged their ‘vases’ on trays and added some flowering grass we had collected in a field.

A touch of 'home' ...... Kangaroo Paw

As a touch of colour and contrast to the grass, they added some leftover kangaroo paw. Once they were happy with their arrangements they took a step back to view them from afar.

Changing the placement of the vases.

My youngest decided that she wanted to change the placement of her ‘vases’ and adjusted them until she was happy.

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Catherine Pelanjon
Catherine Pelanjon

Je trouve merveilleux la manière dont vous éduquez le regard de vos filles et la chance qu'elles ont d'avoir une maman créative qui sait leur transmettre ce don. Leurs créations nécessitent peu d'éléments trouvés dans la nature lors des promenades et la créativité de vos filles les magnifie. Félicitations.

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