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Springtime Ikebana

My daughters were delighted with the flowers I had brought home on the weekend, after attending a series of workshops organised by the Ikebana International Hana Chapter of Belgium #248.


Of all the flowers I had brought home, Isabel was intrigued by the Muscari. She gently observed their tiny flowers and declared that the colour was the most beautiful blue she'd ever seen.

Making a spring with a Daffodil leaf

With the sudden burst of warm weather, she was inspired to make a Spring arrangement. As a play on words, she decided to curl a Daffodil leaf to make a spring for her "Spring" arrangement.

Adding the Muscari

After placing her Daffodil leaf spring in the vase she added the Muscari flowers. Although she was planning on adding more Daffodil springs to her arrangement, she decided that they would be too strong for the tiny flowers. Instead she decided to add a small sprig of Asparagus fern.

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