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Summer Ikebana Vases for Children

This week we have all been trying to keep cool as a heatwave has descended upon Spain. My daughters, as well as our dog, have enjoyed keeping cool under the sprinkler, while eating ice-cream in the shade of our garden. As I was scooping ice-cream into their cones, an idea came to me. The cones would make fun and portable ikebana vases!


My daughters created a stable base for their ice-cream cone vases using coloured floristry wire. Their favourite ice-cream flavour is pistachio, so naturally they both wanted to use green wire.

Adding water to the floristry tubes

Once they had created a stable base, they filled floristry tubes with water and placed them inside the ice-cream cones.

Using weeds from our garden.

Due to the sudden heatwave, many of the flowers in our garden have died. However, the weeds are still going strong. They found some beautiful weeds in our garden and added them to their arrangements.

Adding flowers

The ice-cream ikebana vases were such a hit with my daughters. The hardest part was making sure they didn’t eat their vases before they finished their arrangements.

Adding the last flower.

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