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Thanksgiving Ikebana for Children

Although Thanksgiving isn’t a Spanish tradition, since moving to Madrid, each year, we have celebrated the holiday along with a group of our American friends.


This year we decided to create a Thanksgiving ikebana arrangement using self-made vases. My daughters made small holes in dried out gourds and scooped out the dried seeds. To seal the gourds and make them watertight they painted both the inside and out with bathroom tile sealer.

Creating small arrangements in hollowed out gourds.

Once the sealer had dried, they each created a small arrangement using crepe myrtle and spray chrysanthemums from our garden. They placed their arrangements together on a tray and added a small pumpkin to give the arrangement more of a Thanksgiving feeling.

Placing their arrangements on a tray.

Once finished, they took a few steps back to contemplate their joint arrangement, as well as reflect on all the things they were thankful for.

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