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Three Kings Ikebana

While living in Spain, my children would look forward to Los Reyes Magos (Three Kings Day). It is the day when Spanish children receive their Christmas gifts and eat Roscon de Reyes a sweet bread covered in glazed fruit. Inside the Roscon is a small figurine, and whoever found the figurine in their slice of Roscon would be crowned king, or queen, for the day.

Here in Belgium, or from what we have experienced in the French part of Belgium, there is a similar tradition. Epiphany, on the 6th January, is celebrated by eating a Galette des Rois (Kings Cake). It is also circular with the tradition of a hidden figurine.


To celebrate the similarities between our old home, and new, we decided to create an ikebana celebrating Three Kings Day. Isabel couldn't wait until the 6th of January, so decided to use the paper crown in her arrangement.

Twisting the crown

Using it as a form of 'unconventional material' she twisted it to change its shape, adding a bit of her own personality to her unconventional material.

Adding the conifer

She added conifer from our garden and then used Star of Bethlehem as her flowers. Symbolic of the role the Star played in guiding the Three Kings.

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Catherine Pelanjon
Catherine Pelanjon
Jan 07

Very nice and creative !

Louise Worner
Louise Worner
Jan 08
Replying to

thank you! ❤️

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