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Three Kings Ikebana for Children

In Spain, Christmas festivities continue right up until Los Reyes Magos (Three Kings Day) on the 6th January. On the evening of the 5th January, children line the streets to watch the three Kings parade and wait expectantly for the Kings to throw candy from the floats. During the night, just as Father Christmas delivers presents to children on Christmas Eve, the Three Kings bring presents for children across Spain to open on the morning of the 6th January.


This year to help us celebrate our final year in Madrid, the children made ikebana arrangements for Los Reyes Magos. My youngest daughter used a bright red bowl for a vase and chose an appropriate kenzan.

Placing the branch

While hunting through the garage she found an interesting branch and combined it with cockscomb and pine. As her kenzan was visible she added a few glass stones to cover it.

Adding the pine

Initially, she decided that she didn’t want to add any gypsophila to her arrangement, however, while we were photographing it the arrangement seemed a little dull. To brighten up the arrangement and give it a little more unity she added a few sprigs of gypsophila.

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