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Togetherness- Ikebana for Children

Although my daughters have very different personalities, they have always had a close bond with one another. They often prefer to do things together, rather than separately. When I suggested creating an ikebana arrangement they immediately asked if they could create an arrangement together.


I was eager to encourage their enthusiasm and gave them free rein of all the leftover branches and flowers in my atelier. Together, they chose their vases and decided to use Eucalyptus branches, Forsythia and bi-colour Tulips.

Intertwined Eucalyptus and Tulips

To create unity and movement in the arrangement, they intertwined the Eucalyptus branches and placed a stem in each of their vases. They then added the Tulips and Forsythia.

Adding Forsythia

They both agreed that the arrangement felt unfinished and too empty. To create a connection between the branches and the vase, they added a few short stems of Eucalyptus between the Tulips.

Adding Eucalyptus for unity

Once finished, they both agreed the arrangement now felt too crowded. To enhance the movement and line in the arrangement, I suggested removing some of the Eucalyptus leaves from the branches.

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