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Valentine’s Day Ikebana for Children

My daughters have always had a close bond with one another. Even during Covid lockdowns and confinements, when relationships can be at their most strained, they have always remained the best of friends. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, they decided to create an arrangement together, to celebrate their sisterly love for one another.


They chose their vases without hesitation. As the arrangement was for Valentine’s Day, they chose two pink heart-shaped suibans. They balanced the suibans one on top of the other and placed a kenzan in each of the vases.

Cleaning the Iris leaves from our garden.

Using iris leaves from the garden, they created unity and movement by placing the leaves across both vases.

Negotiating with one another when placing the first leaf.

When reminded of the need for movement and asymmetry in ikebana, they added a few more leaves to their respective sides of the arrangement.

Adding leaves to create movement and asymmetry.

They were both very excited when it came to adding the flowers. It took several reminders for them not to add all the flowers at once, but to take turns observing where their sister had placed a flower, before adding their own.

Turn taking when adding the flowers.

By patiently waiting and observing the gradual progression of the arrangement, they both agreed that three flowers were enough.

Agreeing that three flowers are enough.

On final observation they noticed that their kenzans were visible and decided to obscure it with small stones.

Covering the kenzans with stones

Receiving praise from all the family ........................

Behind the scenes ........ even our dog loves ikebana and wants to help make arrangements.

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