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Winter Blues

Returning from the warmth of our winter vacation to cold snowy days in Belgium has been a difficult adjustment for us all. Although we are thankful for blue sky, daily snowfall and sub-zero temperatures have made it harder than usual to get up early each morning for school.


The sight of hyacinths at our local market is a sure sign that spring is just around the corner. Their heady smell is enough to chase the winter blues away.

Placing the fidget toy

Isabel chose to create a simple arrangement using an old glass light fitting as a vase. She created a structure using a fidget toy and placed it over the opening of her 'vase'. The structure gave the heavy flowers stability.

Adding the flower

She wanted to add some of the hyacinth leaves to create lines, however, she was a little unsure as where to place them. Rather than adding vertical lines, I suggested adding one simple horizontal line, creating powerful movement through her arrangement. She agreed, and added the tip of a hyacinth leaf at one end of her arrangement and the bottom part of the stem at the other.

Adjusting the leaves

After viewing her arrangement from a distance, she adjusted the stems so that the line appeared to run continuously though her creation.

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