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Valentine's Day Ikebana

This year we celebrated our first Valentine's Day in Belgium. The temperatures are still crisp, and after a very wet and soggy winter we finally have blue sky and no rain. Due to the wet weather, I was late getting my bulbs in, however, as a sure sign that spring is on its way, they are all starting to sprout. We are looking forward to the burst of colour that will appear after a long dark winter, and to the numerous varieties of tulips that we planted in our garden.


In anticipation of the flowers that are soon to bloom we decided to create a Valentine's Day ikebana using my daughters' favourite heart shaped suiban and pink tulips.

Balancing the Suibans

After balancing the suibans on one another, a small camellia branch was chosen as the main stem of the arrangement.

Placing the first stem

To create unity between the suibans a smaller stem of camellia was placed on a kenzan in the second vase.

Adding Camellia and a Tulip to the second vase

Tulips were added as a focal point and smaller camellia stems added to the front and sides to obscure the kenzan.

Final touches

Finally to create depth, a small branch was placed towards the back of the arrangement.

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